Why You Should Hire a DUI Attorney

A DUI arrest can lead to many things for a driver, but it can be especially costly for insurance rates. According to a blog post on the Progressive Insurance Web site, a DUI arrest will very likely affect your insurance rates, often directly affecting what you pay for insurance. The DUI could lead you to … Continue reading

DUI – Do I Have A Case?

Each Driving Under the Influence (DUI) case in Georgia has the potential for trial, but all the facts in each case need to be thoroughly investigated and every opportunity must be sought and exploited in order to build a successful defense. Anyone charged with DUI can pursue a motion hearing to restrain any and all … Continue reading

Remember These Facts About Georgia DUI Law

When it comes to a DUI arrest, there are certain things that law enforcement does not want everyone to know. These are facts that can be the difference between getting a DUI removed from your record to a DUI conviction. Among the most important facts to know about Georgia DUI Law are: 1. Refusing to … Continue reading

DUI – Problems with the Breath Test

A commonly held belief since the 1950’s upon which breath alcohol testing has rested since the 1950’s that breath test devices measure “deep lung” or alveolar air. This belief has been refuted multiple times by research over the last 20 years and has given us all a greater knowledge of the exchange of highly soluble … Continue reading

Avoiding Suspensions & Points on Your License

The State of Georgia has several laws in place that can cause a person to lose their driving privileges.  According to the Department of Driver Services, a driver in Georgia can have their license suspended, revoked or even canceled for a number of reasons. The driver can reapply to get his or her license reinstated … Continue reading

Have You Received a DUI? Act Fast

In Georgia, a driver who has been charged with DUI needs to act fast to ensure they avoid suspended driving privileges.  According to Georgia Department of Driver Services regulations, drivers arrested and charged with DUI have 10 business days to file an appeal to avoid their license being suspended. The Georgia DUI 10-Day Rule allows … Continue reading

Georgia Super Speeder Law

The Georgia Super Speeder Law, enacted Jan. 1, 2010, adds new penalties to anyone convicted of driving at speeds deemed excessive in the State of Georgia. According to the law (HB 160, OCGA 40-6-189), a “Super Speeder” is a driver who reaches speeds of 75 mph or above on a two-lane road or highway or … Continue reading


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