Fitzgerald Car Accident Frequently Asked Questions

How can Dove Law Firm help me with my car accident claim?

At Dove Law Firm, we are here to handle every aspect of your car wreck claim. Our services include:

  • Officially reporting the claim to all potential insurance carriers. Oftentimes, we are able to discover additional insurance policies through legal research and investigation.
  • Managing all insurance paperwork and communications. All documents are sent directly to our firm for completion and processing.
  • Gathering all medical bills and guaranteeing that these are paid by the proper party or insurance company.
  • Obtaining the best pre-lawsuit offer from the insurance company of the at-fault party.
  • If the at-fault insurance company does not offer a reasonable amount to settle the claim, then vigilantly pursuing all available legal avenues to obtain a full and fair settlement for you.

Do I need a Ocilla car accident lawyer?

You probably need a local South Georgia car accident attorney to assist you in resolving your injury claim. When you are injured because of another person’s reckless driving, you would assume that person’s insurance company would offer you a reasonable and fair payment for your medical bills and injuries. Unfortunately, that is most often not the case. Car insurance companies have skilled attorneys working on their side who are focused on paying you the least amount possible. Our training and skill will

Further, oftentimes there are additional sources of insurance, such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, available to pay for injuries and increase the settlement amount. Although you must pay your attorneys a portion of the contingency fee for their services, the net amount of settlement, after fee payment, is usually much higher as a result of the attorney’s services.

At Dove Law Firm, if we do not think we can increase your net settlement amount, we will tell you at the initial consultation before you hire us.

At your free initial case consultation, we offer a thorough case review and feedback. That that point, we will tell you what your options look like with or without counsel.

Most people dramatically benefit from attorney representation. The aftermath of a car wreck brings on a host of complicated issues: medical injuries, treatment, medical bills, car insurance claims, medical insurance, insurance claims, vehicle and other property, and potentially lost wages. It is incredibly difficult to put the pieces back together while also focusing on recovering from the unexpected injuries. Our firm can carry the burden of analyzing and resolving these many legal and financial issues, so you and your family and caregivers can rest and concentrate on recovery.

Studies consistently affirm that victims who are represented by an attorney consistently recover more than when they do not have a lawyer. In a study done by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), a comprehensive study comparing the value of settlements of people represented by an attorney compared to those who are not revealed that people who had an attorney received almost three and one-half times more, even after the attorney’s fees were paid. This study is examined on the 2003 IRC internal document [Auto Injury Insurance Claims: Countrywide Patterns in Treatment, Cost, and Compensation Malvern, PA: December 2003].

Most of our car wreck victims never imagined they would face these issues nor need a south Georgia car accident attorney. Many thought that because of he or she had purchased sufficient medical and car insurance, they were prepared to handle these events independently. Unfortunately, even where sufficient insurance exists, the legal and financial questions are complex. Understanding and securing a legal recovery usually requires the input, legal analysis and negotiations of a South Georgia car accident attorney. In our initial free consultation, we will discuss with you the benefits and costs of the contingency fee associated with hiring our firm to assist you with a car wreck settlement. We seek to be as open as possible and provide you the information you need in deciding whether to hire a car wreck attorney to assist you with your settlement or jury trial.

How long will it take for my case to settle?

The length of time it takes to settle your case depends primarily on the medical treatment you need. Once a case is settled, the defendant’s insurance company is no longer obligated to pay you any additional money. Therefore it is necessary to know the extent of your injuries and treatment to ensure we maximize your settlement amount. Generally, most car wreck claims take from three to twelve months to settle. This process may take longer depending on the medical treatment needed, the severity of injuries, and the existence of any complicated legal issues. Be very wary of an attorney who promises you a very quick settlement. Oftentimes, this comes at a huge cost to the client.

What is my case worth?

Call Dove Law Firm and schedule an initial free consultation for a detailed discussion about the value of your case. Generally speaking, the value of your case depends upon a detailed analysis of your injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, punitive damages, lost wages, any future medical expenses, property loss, and other factors.

What should I bring to my initial free consultation?

At Dove Law Firm, our initial consultation is a key opportunity for us to meet you and hear about your accident and injuries. Any of the following documents are also beneficial: police report, medical records, medical bills, documentation related to time out of work, a time line of medical treatment, the names of all medical providers, health insurance, Medicare, or Medcaid card, all car insurance information. Oftentimes those injured in a car accident are not in possession of these documents. We will handle obtaining them for you. In fact, we usually obtain a complete set of medical records and medical bills directly from your providers to ensure that we are not missing any.

Do you settle cases outside of the court system?

Most often car wreck cases are settled without a trial. There are many reasons and advantages for this. Settling cases early prevents the expenses of trial and the client receives funds sooner.

Although it is usually best for a case to settle without a trial, that is not always the case. There are circumstances where the insurance company refuses to offer a reasonable settlement for the injuries incurred. If that happens, it is ultimately the client’s decision whether to accept the amount offered or proceed to trial. We work diligently in educating our clients with the information needed to make the best decision. If our client decides to proceed with a trial, then we are willing and prepared to fight to the end. Born and raised in South Georgia, we know our local juries and are confident in our ability to reach the best result. We have tried numerous cases to verdict and are eager to fight for you. We actively practice in the following South Georgia areas and are ready to help you: Ocilla, Tifton, Fitzgerald, Cordele, Abbeville, Eastman, Rhine, Ashburn, Irwin County, Ben Hill County, Tift County, Crisp County, Wilcox County, Dodge County, and Turner County.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a settlement meeting that occurs prior to trial. During mediation, the parties meet together with their own attorneys and a neutral mediator. The mediator is a licensed attorney serves as a neutral party. Both sides present their case to the mediator, who then works to help the parties reach a settlement agreeable to everyone. All information and facts discussed at mediation are confidential and may not be used later at trial.

At the Dove Law Firm, LLC, we know that legal disputes, particularly those involving physical and monetary injuries, are emotionally and financially draining. We believe mediation is a powerful tool to facilitate discussions that bring about favorable settlements. We have experience working with mediators all over South Georgia.

What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee is a legal fee that is paid only if money is obtained for the client. If the client does not receive a legal settlement or favorable jury verdict, then the client is not obligated to pay legal fees for the time we have invested in the file. At Dove Law Firm our standard contingency fee in personal injury cases is 33% of the gross amount recovered for the client.

There are many advantages of the contingency fee agreement for both our clients and the Dove Law Firm team. First, it provides valuable option by saving clients from paying the legal expenses out-of-pocket. The model works well for our firm because it aligns perfectly our interests with that of our clients; both desire to keep costs low and recovery maximized. Further, there is the added benefit that since we share in the risk of the outcome, our clients know we believe in their case.

For our clients’ convenience, we advance and pay any legal expenses associated such as medical record costs, filing fees, court reporter fees. If a recovery is obtained, then those expenses are reimbursed. Since our clients depend on our advice in how the case is handled and how expenses are incurred, we do not require reimbursement if there is no recovery.

Our agreement is simple: if there is no recovery, then you do not owe any fees or costs, period.

At our free initial case consultation, we review in detail our legal fee contract. This agreement describes in detail how our contingency fee operates. We give you the opportunity to review the document and ask questions. We understand that hiring counsel is a big decision. We encourage clients to review the document with family, if desired, before making a decision. We are here to answer any questions and make our clients as informed as possible about how this process works – with us and the other parties involved.

Should I have my medical providers file claims with my own private medical insurance company, Medicare, or Medicaid?

If you have been injured in a car wreck, it is almost always in your best interest for your medical providers to file claims with your private health insurance. This will ensure that your bills are paid in a timely fashion and that you receive the maximum ultimate recovery.

If you ultimately recover a personal injury settlement, your medical insurance company often will request reimbursement for the medical expenses it paid on your behalf. At Dove Law Firm, we handle these negotiations and resolutions for you, making sure your bills are fully paid and your net settlement is free from any health care claims. The extent to which a medical insurance company is entitled to reimbursement or subrogation varies greatly depending state law, federal law, and your insurance contract. Different types of plans have different rights to reimbursement. Some are entitled to full reimbursement, while other are entitled to none. We are familiar with the nuances of these laws and will negotiate fiercely on your behalf. We will make sure you do not reimburse more than is required by law, and this will make a difference in your net recovery.

If I do not have health insurance, can you help me?

With the sky-rocketing costs of private health insurance, many car wreck victims simply are unable to afford it. Oftentimes, doctors are more willing to provide services to a patient who has a car wreck attorney. In those cases, the doctors may ask that we agree to pay for medical treatment if a car wreck settlement is obtained. Some uninsured clients have difficulty finding a physician that will treat him or her. If that is the case, we can help you in finding a physician who accepts patients in your situation. Further if you are facing collections from the hospital or a doctor’s office, we will work directly with your providers in keeping them updated on the case and when payment is likely to occur. Oftentimes, providers are understanding in these situations and willing to wait until the case is resolved for payment.

Do you offer free consultations?

We believe that a free case review plays a key role in introducing you to our firm, attorneys, and staff. After a car accident, many people are spending significant time focusing on recovering from injuries and have many questions about where to go next. Our initial free consultation gives us the opportunity to meet you, hear your story, and begin the process of taking the next step.


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