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Tifton and Fitzgerald Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Many people believe that they can do more than one task at the same time. However, large bodies of scientific research find that when a task involves active mental engagement people are not equipped to do two things at once. This lesson is an important for drivers. When we are behind the wheel, we hold the safety of ourselves, our passengers and our fellow motorists in our hands.

Distracted driving is more than just a buzzword used by safety advocates.

It is a significant problem on our roads. The National Safety Council estimates that nearly one-third of all vehicle crashes involve some form of distraction. As the number of vehicle crashes in the United States is rising in conjunction with smartphone popularity, all of us should be concerned about how our lack of focus and our obsession with texting, email and cell phones in general are impacting our safety.

At the Dove Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping victims of negligence. We understand that our clients have suffered serious personal injuries because of someone else’s carelessness. Our team makes sure that our clients don’t have to foot the bill for a negligent driver. If you would like to learn more about filing a personal injury claim to recover costs stemming from your vehicle accident, contact us today to learn more about your legal options.

The Many Incarnations of Distracted Driving

People most commonly associate distracted driving with cell phone use. That understanding of driver distraction is valid. Indeed, mobile devices are often the underlying cause of distracted driving, but there are several other contributors to our lack of focus behind the wheel. Any driver that is engaged in another activity when they should be concentrating on the road ahead is considered distracted. Distracted driving includes:


  • Sending or reading texts or emails
  • Surfing the internet
  • Using mobile apps
  • Watching or streaming video
  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Using a car stereo
  • Using a GPS or navigational system
  • Eating or drinking
  • Reaching for an object
  • Listening to excessively loud music
  • Looking in the mirror or grooming
  • Too many passengers in the vehicle

The Relationship Between Younger Drivers and Distraction

Several studies suggest that younger drivers (teens, millennials) are more likely to engage in distracting activity while driving. For example, AAA believes that up to 60 percent of teen driver crashes involve some form of distraction. The study found that the leading cause of distraction was an excessive number of passengers in a vehicle, followed by using a cell phone behind the wheel.

When AAA surveyed teens about distracted driving, 50 percent admitted that in the last 30 days they had read a text or email while driving.

Younger drivers might be more likely than other age groups to drive distracted, but they are certainly not the only subset of drivers who undertake this risky behavior. All drivers are susceptible to distraction. We should always be mindful of these temptations and take all necessary precautions to make sure we stay focused while driving.

The Consequences of Distracted Driving

The most immediate risk of distraction behind the wheel is a vehicle crash. Sending just one text while driving increases the chances of being involved in a vehicle crash by 23 times. These crashes are tragic because they are entirely preventable. Distracted driving accidents can also take a great toll on the lives of a victim and their family. Some of the most serious injuries include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal organ damage and loss of limbs, or amputation.

These injuries are painful and debilitating in several different ways.

They can be extremely costly in medical bills and property damage. Serious injuries can also curb or eliminate a person’s ability to work and earn an income. When these injuries are fatal, families suffer an incredible amount of pain and grief. They also face economic hardship in the form of lost income, funeral costs and other end-of-life costs.

How the Dove Law Firm Can Help

If you have been injured by a distracted driver, you can hold that driver accountable for the harm they have caused. At the Dove Law Firm, we have years of experience helping clients get the compensation they deserve. Filing a personal injury claim can help victims recover the costs associated with their injuries. If you would like to learn more about your legal options, contact our distracted driving attorneys to schedule a free consultation.


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