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    In a personal injury case, there are numerous factors that are significantly influential in determining the amount of compensation you may receive. The more fully aware you are of these factors, the more knowledgeable and the more able you become in order to make certain that you are fully compensated. The two main, most basic … Continue reading


Georgia Stalking & Harassment Lawyer

If you have been served with a restraining order or injunction for stalking or harassment, law enforcement officials can arrest you for even coming near the person named on a protective order. Since a violation of a court order means you have been accused of disobeying the specific instructions of the judge, the penalties can be severe and may result in additional restrictions, fines or jail time. Sometimes claims of harassment, stalking or physical threats are unfairly inflated by the victim, which can lead to an injunction or restraining order based on too little evidence. Our defense attorneys represent those charged with violations to include:

  • sexual harassment
  • threat to physically harm
  • discriminatory harassment
  • restraining order violations
  • online or cyberstalking
  • disturbing the peace
  • stalking a minor
  • tormenting or bullying

Injuction Violations in Tifton & Moultrie, GA

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that being accused of stalking or harassing an ex-spouse or girlfriend is not a serious offense. Having an unnecessary conviction on your record could be very damaging and could cause future problems in trying to get a job, borrow money or purchase a firearm. For residents of Moultrie, Ocilla, Cordele, Nashville, Douglas, Hazlehurst, Fitzgerald, Ashburn, Tifton, Abbeville, Adel, McRae and Sylvester, our experienced trial lawyers will provide an aggressive defense to seek an acquittal or have the charges against you dismissed or reduced.


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If you believe you may have a case, fill out our online contact form or call us when you’re ready, at (229) 468-0832.

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